Business Activities
The Netmedia Group is a leading player on the market of new technology, offering a wide range of online products and services. Our Company operates in following branches:

Profil działalności Netmedia

Our core activity is the tourism business. The Netmedia Group has the most extensive experience in online tourism services sales in Poland - as a result, Netmedia is the leader of this dynamically growing market. Read more

Our operations on the real estate market, realized by our subsidiary NSOFT S.A., encompass the comprehensive IT services, software and publishing of real estate offers. Our Company is the owner of the most advanced MLS - a system enabling cooperation between real estate brokers. Read more

Through our affiliate company Inwestycje Alternatywne Profit SA (IAP), Netmedia is also actively present in the alternative investments segment. of the Polish market. Main operations of IAP are the sales of collectible coins and precious stones and metals online. Read more

Tracking services are realized by the Finder SA, another of our affiliated companies. Their solutions in the field of car fleet monitoring ensure the best way to optimize transport costs and increase the effectivity of operation for customers. Read more

Various themed portals constitute a complimentary activity for the Netmedia Group. Our portals are created using our own, independently developed IT solutions. Read more

In order to maximize value for our shareholders, the Netmedia Group constantly considers entering other attractive markets on which we can use the Internet as a basic activity tool, communication medium and income-generating factor.